Saturday, July 4, 2009

locomotion hour

The Dodgers had departed heavenward 2-1 when Poet scored on Greg Burke's(notes) state throw in the seventh. It was Burke's firstly slope after relieving starter Josh Geer(notes). Orator (1-0) got two outs in the seventh for the win.

Contestant Ronald Belisario(notes) (1-3) allowed trey runs and ternary hits time exploit exclusive one out in the ordinal. He walked one strike and hit added.

The Padres bound it in the third when Geer led off with a backup for his rank line extra-base hit, sophisticated on Cabrera's resign smut and scored on King Eckstein's unique to right-center.

Dodgers official Randy Womanizer(notes) held San Diego to one run and tetrad hits in six innings piece striking out octet and locomotion hour. Geer went 6 1-3 innings, allowing two runs and septet hits. He struck out one and also didn't periodical any walks.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Giorgio Armani perfumes

I’m not really much of a perfume woman, because I have this allergic rhinitis that hinders me from enjoying some fragrances. If ever I do splash one on me, I usually take those lighter scents.

However, I must say I am one of those women who have been blessed with perfume gifts from friends and relatives abroad, such as Liz Claiborne, Perry Ellis, and Victoria’s Secret. Believe me, sometimes before I could even finish the last bottle given to me, here comes another one. I ended up giving a few to my mom. Lucky mom, huh!

My brother is the perfume addict. He’s actually into this Acqua di Gio, one of Giorgio Armani perfumes, nowadays. Long before he’s gone I can still smell him. I’m not kidding. No wonder girls are all over him. It's Armani, what else!

Monday, March 9, 2009

For Creative Designers

If you have been following my blogs long enough, you would have heard me time and again lament my lack of creative juice. I don’t even know why because some members of my family are very creative; good enough to make a living from it.

Today, I stumbled upon this social network called that is especially built for designers. This is a place where designers could showcase their work, network, share and participate in community contests to win prizes and even cash. A member recently won $100 in the 6th design award!

From what I understand, there will soon be a marketplace where designers could sell their services to buyers. Frankly, as someone who has no creativity at all, I am looking forward to this the most. You can be sure I am looking to commission work to designers of scrapbooking elements, WordPress themes and website templates for my online store and personal website. Yes, I know, I could easily find these for free on the web but they are never what I want.

The thing I like most about is that even though there are many designs submitted, it is really easy to follow the progress of the website as a whole in the activity page or follow the work of my favorite designers.

If you like, you could also browse through designs randomly by viewing those with the highest votes, those that have been viewed the most or even those that are most discussed. This is very helpful in website navigation since there are so many new designs submitted at all times.

If you are a designer, I suggest you create an account with now because surely they have more great things to come!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Unity will

The most experts already affirmed that the unity will draw levelly, and old rival Liverpool through records their 18th to unite champion this season. Seven advantage surpass Chelsea and Liverpool in the hand, moreover competes, the imagination red malicious ghost through rebuilds is difficult. The most experts already affirmed that the unity will draw levelly, and old rival Liverpool through records their 18th to unite champion this season. Seven advantage surpass Chelsea and Liverpool in the hand, moreover competes, the imagination red malicious ghost through rebuilds is difficult.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Storage units

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Learn about holodomor

Have you ever visited the site holodomorWhen you think about the world at large, what comes to mind first? For example, if you were asked to name a place outside of the United States that you would like to live and work for, I don’t know - let’s say 6 months, what place comes to mind first? Would you want to go back to the land of your ancestors? Would you go to someplace exotic to explore? How about some place where you could do charity work and help a lot of people?

I’ve been giving that a lot of thought lately, especially as I will be graduating this spring and have the opportunity to travel before committing to a full time job or a new career. It gets a little more complicated because I am not a single guy, so the question arises, would I go on my own or ask someone special to accompany me?

My good friend, Peter, has suggested I go to the Soviet Union while it is open and relatively safe for Americans to travel throughout their country. Peter has family in Russia and has told me many great stories of the historical significance of different cities and their leaders, including a lot of information that I have never learned in school even though I have taken quite a few world history and world geography classes.

As I explore more about the Soviet Union with Peter, I am surprised to learn that there was a huge famine as recently as the days of my grandparents and greatgrandparents and I don’t remember ever being to exposed to that fact in any world history classes. Back in 1932-1933 there were millions of people who starved to death throughout the Soviet Union. This fact is coming to light with the current reference to the Soviet holodomor, which has some controversy over whether the famine was genocide. Some people are now alleging that the famine was deliberately caused by the Communist government when they seized grain from the peasants and exported it to raise money for the government.

That very concept is bothersome to me. To think that the government of a country would deliberately cause their own citizens to starve to death while they horde cash is just horrific to me.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The only politician who unmarks itself from this climate from witch hunt is Piero Marrazzo, president of the Region that with justice declares: “They are worried for the violence climate. The efforts serve all in order to prevent these crimes, without instrumentalizations and without to stop itself on the presumed nationality of the aggressors”.